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Shiva Kumar Reddy T
Siva Kumar has the virtue of astute business prospecting, strategizing, vision building and decision making skills. His knowledge and experience in wide mosaic of businesses make TRR infra unique in offering domain specific and appropriate structures.
Sesha Reddy S
Professor in Civil Engineering with over a decade of extensive experience in design, development and execution of several public and private constructions of multiple range of segments – residential, industrial and infrastructures of irrigation, electrical and water works.
Sita Reddy
Sita is a computer engineer from IIT , Guindy, Chennai. Her contribution to modernize all communication systems, deployment of sophisticated electronic devices and appliances makes the performance of construction works very transparent and efficient

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Executive Director
Julie Quinn
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Samantha Carroll
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Marc Simpson
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Cynthia Fletcher
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Fredrick Lyons
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Julius George
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Nina Guzman
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Nettie Banks

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TRR Infra is a decade old legacy built through a scientific approach, experience and knowledge dissemination. Our core values envisioned by our leadership act as a beacon towards integrity.


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